• Toy Library

    Funded by the Department of Education and Communities

    What is the Toy Library?

    The Toy Library provides educational toys to families who have a child with a disability and/or developmental delays.


    Children accessing therapy support can borrow toys to help implement your child's program.


    Educational parenting resources are also available. Siblings are also welcome to borrow toys.

    How does the program help?

    It helps by fostering your child's development through play and play activities. The toys you borrow will help you do this.


    Families will be guided to choose toys that assist their child's developmental through their early intervention and therapy programs.


    Parents can develop their skills and knowledge by accessing the parent resource library.

    How do you join our library?

    Membership is open to:

    • Families whose child has a developmental disability.
    • Children between 0 – 8 years of age. 
    • Children accessing any therapy support.

    If you feel you would like to join the toy library please call the library on 43227011.