Information for you on NDIS and what it means for your family

  • What is NDIS?


    • NDIS funds individual children to achieve functional goals.
    • NDIS funds “reasonable and necessary supports”.
    • Supports child in mainstream, naturalistic and “usual “settings. 
    • Family has choice and control over the services they purchase
    • NDIS will not fund what is the responsibility of health and education – relating to disability.
    • NDIS determines eligibility to the scheme.
    • Planners are employed by the NDIA to develop your child's funded plan.
    • Individual funding packages may vary from year to year depending on the achievements of your child’s outcomes and supports needed.
    • Planners create plans with families based on supports needed for their child to achieve functional skills needed to participate in their home life and community.
    • For children under seven funding is not completely dependent on the type of diagnosis, but on the level of support each child needs to enjoy family life.
  • NDIS & Yarran

    Yarran – your NDIS provider for young children aged 0-8 yrs. – supporting your child, your family, your life. Yarran is a registered NDIS provider.

    Registration number: 40 50 00 16 47


    Yarran is registered to provide a number of supports including:

    • Assisting access school/ transition
    • Assisting personal activities
    • Development of life skills
    • Early Childhood supports
    • Personal activities 
    • Therapeutic supports
    • Coordination support

    Yarran will support children in their everyday settings including home, childcare, preschool, school and activities in the community of the family’s choice.


    Families can also choose to receive services in Yarran’s playrooms either for group or individual sessions.

    Yarran can provide:

    • Transdisciplinary early childhood intervention team with a key worker.
    • Capacity Building Supports in Early Childhood (specialised therapy and key worker for early childhood)
    • Specialised group early intervention. Group based specialist interventions. to assist a child with a disability or developmental delay and their family in home, care, community, education settings.
    • Specialised group early childhood therapy. Provision of interventions by more than one professional in a group session towards the child’s agreed goals
    • Training for parents
    • Support coordination

    It will be important for families once they receive a funded support plan by NDIS, to contact the CEO to discuss how you can purchase Yarran supports to achieve the outcomes and goals in your child’s NDIS plan.