• Yarran privacy statement

    Yarran Early Childhood Intervention Services is committed to respecting the privacy of our families and their children who receive a service through our programs.


    In requesting and holding information on your child, Yarran will be aware of:

    • The obligations on the secure storage of this information.
    • The rights of the individual and their families to whom the information relates.
    • Respecting the use of and limits to which the information can be used.


    Yarran collects personal information about the children accessing our programs for the purpose of:

    • Providing an educational program that includes an Individual Educational Program and an Individual Family Service Plan.
    • Evaluation of the child’s progress within these programs.
    • For the purpose of funding submissions, monitoring and auditing of programs by our funding and licensing bodies.
    • This information can be collected from the family, reports/assessments provided by the family and other professionals working with the child.


    If we do not have this information the quality and outcomes of the educational programs may be affected.


    Yarran shares information in the following ways:

    • With the family's verbal, written or signed permission.
    • Those required by legislation, eg Child Protection Regulations, Public Health etc.
    • With the parents and others deemed by the parents as being 'responsible' for their child.
    • With other professionals working with the child with whom the families have given permission. This may include therapists, childcare staff, paediatricians, etc working with the child or to whom the family is transitioning to eg local or specialised schools.
    • For funding submissions and evaluations.


    Families have the right to determine which professionals are provided with information and the type and nature of the information shared. Families will sign and be given copies of educational programs and family plans prepared for the child.


    Yarran Early Childhood Intervention Services is a community-based organisation managed by a management committee.


    If the information is collected in the course of the activities of a non-profit organisation the following conditions are satisfied; The information relates solely to the members of the organisation or to the individuals who have regular contact with it in connection with its activities. At or before the time of collecting the information the organisation will not disclose the information without the individual's consent. The members will sign the confidentiality agreements as part of the management committee agreement.